Scrum Master Mentoring Program

We offer a systematic program to take new Scrum Masters (or inexperienced Scrum Masters) to the next level of effectiveness, professionalism, and value-driven outcomes.

This program is impactful and practical. Each mentee is taken on a journey of their choosing to greatly improve their abilities and skills as a Scrum Master.

Why did we build this mentoring program?

More organizations are taking on agile as a way to get things done better. However, many of these organizations are hiring newly certified Scrum Masters that have no support, no depth of experience, and no guidance on how to take on the challenges of this role. Scrum Masters, like any focused role, requires skill, abilities, and qualities to be effective. And with the added challenges of trying to enact team or organizational-wide change makes this role even harder.

Through many years of experience our Mentoring Team has been at the front lines: acting as Scrum Masters, guiding Scrum Masters, and coaching teams and organizations in being and doing agile well.

This Scrum Master Mentoring Program was created to share our diverse experience with those new to this critical role in advancing a team towards effectiveness and increasing the quality of the outcomes for a team or for the organization.

Why should you sign-up for this Scrum Master Mentoring Program?

There are many reasons to go through this mentoring program as a new Scrum Master, including:

  1. Our mentors provide relevant information and knowledge for your to solve your specific needs
  2. Our mentors can see where you may need to improve even you are unable to see them
  3. Our mentors find ways to stimulate your personal and professional growth as a Scrum Master
  4. Our mentors offer encouragement and help to keep you move forward towards your goals
  5. Our mentors are trusted advisors that can aid you in avoiding common mistakes and taking advantage of opportunities

At the end of this mentoring program, each Scrum Master will have achieved a number of core skills and abilities depending on their focus.

How can I sign-up for this amazing Scrum Master Mentoring Program?

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You couldn't be in better Mentoring hands

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