Certified Agile Training

We offer the ICAgile ® Certified Professional training class to greatly improve your agile adoption and education.

This class is impactful and practical. Each participant can earn the ICAgile ® certified Professional Designation.

Why did we partner with ICAGile?

ICAgile believes that agile is not a process, methodology, or framework; it is a mindset that welcomes uncertainty, embraces challenges, empowers individuals, and views failure as a learning opportunity. Adopting an agile mindset unleashes the brilliance of people and teams, which enables rapid discovery and faster innovation. This is a game changer in today’s competitive and uncertain world.

Register here for an upcoming training class — the ICAgile ® Certified Professional.

The course not only conveys knowledge and skills but also teaches the approach and techniques that significantly increase the efficiency of using the Agile framework.


Why should you attend this ICAGile fundamentals training?

Well, contrary to other agile training that focus on a single framework such as Scrum or Kanban, this training focuses on the mindset of agility as well as the practical applications therein.

In order to succeed with agile approaches, teams and organizations should focus first on “being agile” as a foundation for success in “doing agile.” ICAgile’s fundamentals learning outcomes delve into key concepts such as adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement. They also cover the history of the agile movement, the Agile Manifesto, the Agile Principles, and some widely applied frameworks and practices. Course participants come away with a solid understanding of core concepts as they prepare to embark on their agile journey.

Register here for an upcoming training class — the ICAgile ® Certified Professional.

At the end of this certified training, each participant will be able to accomplish these learning objectives Within each section.

1. History & Mindset — the participant is able to:

2. Individuals & Interactions — the participant is able to:

3. Value-Driven Development — the participant is able to:

4. Customer & User Involvement — the participant is able to:

5. Planning & Adapting — the participant is able to:

How can I register for this amazing training course?

Our remote training for the ICAgile Certified Professional (aka Agile Fundamentals) takes over two days. We hold our training monthly — many are over the weekend to allow for the most diverse group of participants. Register here for an upcoming training class — the ICAgile Certified Professional.

Upcoming Training Classes

Register here for an upcoming training class — the ICAgile Certified Professional.

You couldn’t be in better Training hands

Our Training Team


Paul J. Heidema

ICAgile Authorized Instructor



ICAgile Authorized Instructor

Register here for an upcoming training class — the ICAgile Certified Professional.

How do I add my PDUS for this training to the PMI Website?

  1. Log into PMI® CCRS: ccrs.pmi.org/login.
  2. Click Report PDUs.
  3. Select the appropriate PDU Category (Continuing education – Category B).
  4. List SparkActa as the course provider, and fill in the date and duration of your training with us. (2 days in duration)
  5. State the course name of the training you have taken. (ICAgile Certified Professional by SparkActa)
  6. State the activity and describe the processes and knowledge areas addressed, along with the area of application.
  7. State the number of PDUs earned. (14 PDUs for the ICAgile Certified Professional)
  8. Submit the form.

You can refer to PMI instructions if you have any other questions about the process.