Thank you for registering for our ICAgile Certified Professional training.

Key Links for this Training:

  1. Zoom (prep call Nov 10 at 8pm Toronto time) — Passcode: 202012
  2. Miro (our collaboration and creativity tool) —
  3. OneDrive (your assignments) —
  4. Zoom (the two-day training call at Nov 12&13 8:45am Toronto time) Passcode: 202012

More details for out two calls for this training:

Agile Training Tools meeting on Zoom

December 12&13 at 8:45pm-5pm

(Toronto time) to ensure that everyone has access to our tools (Miro, Zoom, and OneDrive for assignments)

Agile Training Tools meeting on Zoom

December 10th at 8pm

(30 mins Toronto time) to ensure that everyone has access to our tools (Miro, Zoom, and OneDrive for assignments)

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This two-day class will teach you the fundamentals of agile and will focus on 5 major sections:

  1. Dive into the history and mindset of agile — where it came from, its purpose
  2. Explore how individuals can develop positive, healthy, and effective interaction models
  3. Gain practical knowledge on how to develop product in an incremental approach while limiting work-in-progress and achieving frequent delivery
  4. Approaches to improve and create positive customer relationships and involvement throughout the development cycle
  5. Learn techniques for adaptive planning as well as process and product adaptation for efficient and consistent development

Certified Instructors for this training are:

Paul J. Heidema

Gurbindar Biln

After successfully, completing this two-day training, you will receive:

  • A certification stating that you earned the ICAgile Certified Professional designation
  • 14 PDUs that you can use with Project Management Institute or other governing bodies
  • Digital access to materials, exercises, and content from the training
  • Invitation to join the SparkActa Community on LinkedIn

The course not only conveys knowledge and skills but also teaches the approach and techniques that significantly increase the efficiency of using the Agile framework.

— Maran Santhalingam, Release Manager