This highly-engaging class instructs each participant in the mindset (thinking) and practices that need to be internalized and experienced so that each individual can become effective members of an organization that is taking on agile as their way of working and being. Agile is not the solution. Agile is an amazing approach and way of thinking that can and does enable amazing results and interactions.

For us to be effective in any change, it is critical that each of us learn and understand HOW this will be done as well as WHY we are doing it.

SparkActa’s Agile Fundamentals training does just that and a whole lot more. It is crammed full of these amazing elements:

  • Interactions between participants
  • Story-telling by our experienced instructors
  • Simulations to dive deep into concepts
  • Exercises to practice the techniques
  • Reflection time to internalize learning

Learning Objectives

each participant will achieve by the end of the training:

  • History: Explain the thinking behind the Agile Manifesto and relate the ideas to their own experiences and context.
  • Culture & Mindset: Relate the important characteristics of the agile mindset to their own context and identify areas for individual growth.
  • Creating Shared Understanding: Apply tools and techniques to create a common shared understanding within a team or project context.
  • Shifts in Roles: Describe the differences between teams that are self-organized and those who rely on more management direction.
  • Incremental Development: Build a product backlog and identify what it should contain.
  • Work In Progress (WIP): Illustrate the implications of frequent interruptions vs. limiting WIP to different aspects of work, including technical delivery.
  • Including Customers & Users: Demonstrate techniques for identifying and categorizing various types of users/customers and for obtaining feedback from them.
  • Planning & Adapting: Demonstrate progressive elaboration on a backlog and show how estimation can be done in the face of uncertainty.
  • Process & Product Adaptation: Experience retrospectives in action and relate the use of retrospective techniques to their own context and experience.

Class Outline

Day One:

  • Where did Agile come from and why it is important
  • Understanding the Agile mindset and how it impacts organizational culture
  • Building a shared understanding within a team to be effective
  • Making a shift in how we interact for these effective Agile roles

Day Two:

  • Build a product backlog through step-by-step guidance and focused tools
  • Demonstrate and experience the power of work-in-progress limits
  • Creating effective user roles and interacting with them for increased feedback
  • Continuing to breakdown and build up the product backlog with estimation and techniques
  • Reflect and review as a team on how to make incremental improvements to both the product and the process

What You Earn at the End of the Training

At the end of the 2-day Agile Fundamentals training, each success participant will earn:

  • ICAgile Certified Professional designation
  • Project Management Institute (PDU) and Scrum Education Units (SEU) credits — 16
  • Electronic copy of the training materials
  • Membership in the exclusive SparkActa Community on LinkedIn

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Our Certified Instructors

Paul J. Heidema
Certified ICAgile Instructor
Gurbindar Biln
Certified ICAgile Instructor

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