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SparkActa Inc. provides holistic, meaningful, engaging, and effective engagements with our clients. You will get quality work with creativity and results..

Certified Agile Training (Register Now)

We offer the ICAgile Certified Professional training class to greatly improve your agile adoption and education -- both public and private.

Organizational Coaching

We offer an effective balance between observing and teaching. We believe in options and frameworks, teamwork and individual initiative, as well as leadership guidance and staff empowerment.

Leadership Consulting

At SparkActa, we build a safe and healthy working relationship with our clients. We offer leadership mentoring and training to help you get results!

SparkActa Inc. is a full-service management consulting firm serving Greater Toronto. We specialize in change initiatives involving complex problems in IT, business, and operations.


We offer to all of our clients: training, coaching, consulting, mentoring, and  facilitation.


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Meet the Team

Our company is led by professionals who know customer service, have deep coaching experience, and collaborate for the best possible outcomes.

Paul J. Heidema

CEO & Co-Founder

Leadership coach, consultant, and trainer for large to small companies.

Laila Heidema


Diverse experience in coaching, mentoring, and leading people to overall health and happiness.

Gurbindar Biln

Trainer & Consultant

Technical leader, program consultant, and trainer.

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Below are some of the amazing testimonials that have been shared with us over the years of consulting, training, mentoring, presenting, and coaching.
Sandra Reimer

Sandra Reimer


"Every time I have the opportunity to work with Paul I feel I grow as a leader and so does everyone around him.

He has a remarkable ability to connect with teams and individuals to truly help them explore opportunities to rethink the way they operate. He effortlessly builds engagement all around him and raises the bar for creativity, innovation, and agile maturity. I really look forward to our paths always crossing! Paul has become a great partner and friend."

Bronwyn Naylor

Bronwyn Naylor


"I was a client of Laila for over six months and it was an incredible experience. The sessions with Laila were educational, reflective, and goal oriented. Most importantly, she helped me to reflect on the development of my physical well being through a holistic perspective that took into account my emotional, mental, and spiritual development. Laila is a warm, insightful, and gentle person who will guide you through a process that makes you a stronger individual based on your own needs and hopes for the future. She is a light and you will definitely feel grateful for the experience!"

Frank Leong

Frank Leong


"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Paul both at Workopolis and at Aimia. Paul [was] key to the success of our Agile Transformation at Aimia. Paul was an excellent lead Agile Coach who was able to impart the fundamentals of Agile ways of working in general and of the OpenAgile methodology in specific. His coaching style appealed to all audiences and often helped defuse conflicts during our transformation. I want to thank Paul… for ensuring our transformations both at Workopolis and at Aimia attained critical momentum and self- sufficiency.

I would highly recommend Paul as an Agile Coach."

Mandana Sabet

Mandana Sabet

Certified Interpreter

“Laila presented a vision of health and energy that I can gradually introduce in my life. I am going to introduce the information that I have learned in my day to day life.”

Chantal Tomlinson

Chantal Tomlinson


"Paul was instrumental in helping support a cultural shift for our division.

He was able to not only speak to us about agile concepts but was able show us how to apply them through an active participation and follow up coaching. His approach is open and fresh and he is able to bring life to agile concepts and help you apply them in a way that is unique to your organization and needs."

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